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3 Common Risks Associated With Mortgages

While mortgages offer numerous benefits, they are also risky to both borrowers as well as the lenders. The lenders take the risk of not getting repaid fully when they lend money. On the other hand, as a borrower, you can end up losing your money or even your home, if you happen to default on your mortgage.

Almost all lenders whom you can find through FHA leads are aware of the risks associated with mortgages. This is why they have follow strict underwriting standards while approving loans. However, not every borrower may be aware of these risks. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before taking out a mortgage:

Additional financial strain

Taking out a mortgage can increase your debt. You will have to pay up thousands of dollars every month depending on the size of your loan. Even if you are extra careful about your budget, this can be a burden. If there is a sudden change in your financial situation because of a job loss or an illness, this might become impossible to manage. Make some arrangements to manage such emergency situations before taking out a mortgage.

Lower Credit Score

Nothing is guaranteed in life. At any point in time, you may come across contingencies that can make you miss your payments. Being a few days late in making your payment might not matter much. But if you are late by more than 30 days your lender might report delinquency to the credit bureaus, thereby lowering your credit score.

By missing your payments multiple times by 30, 60, or even 90 days, you can end up ruining your credit. And once that happens, you may have to wait for years to apply for a new loan.

Personal Property Loss

There are many kinds of unsecured loans. But a mortgage is always secured by your home. If at any point in time you miss your payments by 90 days, you can expect a default notice from your lender, asking for immediate repayment. Not complying with this can make your lender initiate the necessary proceedings for foreclosure.

Foreclosure is a legal process that your lender can initiate, to take possession of your home, in case you default on your loan. Your home will be sold at an auction and the loss will be recouped through its sale proceeds. However, you can still end up losing your home since you had pledged it to secure your loan.

It is not just you here; your lender or the bank also faces the risk when you take out a mortgage and fail to pay it. However, since the legal costs of recouping the loss of such loans are high, banks fail to recover the complete amount that they lend. A couple of such situations might reduce the profits of the bank, hurting its business.

A situation where multiple banks have to carry too many bad loans can affect the market negatively. The mortgage interest rates will rise up, creating a negative impact on the entire economy.

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