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6 Things You Need to Know About College Admissions

You may have applied for many colleges till date. But do you know what exactly happens in the admissions office? Here are 6 things you need to know about college admissions so that you can write better applications:

All your interactions with the school will be tracked

Make it a point to treat everyone (especially the administrative staff) well when you or your parents contact the admissions office. Every person you interact with might have an influence on the admissions process. The admissions officers are always taking notes of such things. You definitely don’t want to be in their bad books by coming across as rude or pushy. So be nice.

It is only a few minutes that your application gets, to make an impression

You have no idea how many applications an admissions evaluator will have to read before deciding who gets the admission and who doesn’t. They don’t spend more than a few minutes on every application. If yours fails to make an impression within those few minutes, it is as good as rejected. Here are a few things you need to keep note of:

  • Your personal statement is important. The additional information section is not the place for it.
  • If you have already mentioned information about you in the activities list, there may be no need to attach your resume
  • Letters of recommendation do play a major role in admissions. But don’t send too many of them.

There are many good applications like yours, but only great ones would be accepted

Most applications that seem standard may not create a big impact on the admissions officers. Considering the number of applications the admissions officers have to read, make sure you create one that stands out in the pile. Don’t just be standard; be different and memorable.

Not every candidate gets in, even if he seems outstanding

Schools are under pressure to develop a well-rounded class. So even if you are an outstanding student there is no guarantee that you will get in. Unless your application highlights a new perspective that you could add to your class, department or school, it is doubtful that it will even be considered.

Focus on your personality

You are a lot more than what your test scores, activities, and grades show. You are a complete person with a whole package of qualities. Your curiosity, sense of humor and ability to empathize with others – all of this matter when it comes to admission. It is not just the smart students that schools select; they want individuals who make excellent teammates, friends, roommates, leaders, and classmates.

Take maximum advantage of interviews

If you have been assigned an interview you have to consider yourself lucky. This is one opportunity that can help you add more color to your application, pushing it into the ‘accepted’ pile. Read through the following:

  • Practice the interview with your family members and friends so that you don’t mess up or feel nervous at the moment
  • As far as possible try and be yourself.
  • Get answers to questions like why you want to attend this college and in which way you can contribute to the college
  • Know how to talk about your personal qualities, your strengths, and your weaknesses.
  • Express your interest in the course you have applied for, and most importantly the college
  • Don’t forget to ask questions

Not being accepted by the colleges you have applied for is not the end of your life. There are many new colleges that provide the same quality of education and facilities. Most of them look for prospective applicants through education leads. Do consider them before you take any rash decision.

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