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9 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

As per the FBI,there is at least one case of burglary every 20 seconds or so, in the US. So it is quite normal for you to be obsessed about the safety and security of your home.

There are many home security equipment selling companies that come up with advanced technology tools such as alarm systems, and surveillance cameras, to help you monitor your homes, in your absence. Some such companies may even get in touch with homeowners like you directly, by obtaining your details through home security leads. Whether you want to go with one of these or not is a decision you need to take. Nevertheless, here are a few tips that you can consider, if you wish to keep your home safe and secure, at all times:

Keep safety in mind while landscaping

Trees and bushes can enhance the look of your home and garden. But they can also be potential hiding spots for burglars and thieves, because of the privacy they provide. Take a walk around your property and clear away overgrown areas if any. Make sure you have a clear vision of every nook and corner of your home.

Get in touch with your local police department

Having friendly relation with your local police department can go a long way in keeping your home safe. You could even ask them to inspect your property and offer you suggestions if any to improve your home security. In the meanwhile they might also give you information about some past break-in trends in your locality.

Socialize with your neighbors

Your neighbors are the people whom you can call upon for help in case of emergencies. It is they who can monitor your home and watch out for suspicious activities if any, while you are not at home. So take some time to introduce yourself to your neighbors and get to know them. Meet them once in a while or have them over for some refreshments. It might feel like a lot of effort; but in the long run it is going to benefit you immensely.

Set the lighting right

A well-lit home is the one that is always safe and secure. A thief would think twice before entering a home that is well-lit both externally and internally. Make sure you have adequate lighting both inside and outside your house. You could even think of buying some smart lightbulbs, automatic timers or motion-sensitive fixtures from the home security companies that come to you via home security leads.

Don’t advertise your shopping spree

You may be tempted to tell the whole world what you bought. But the last person you would want to know about this, is a thief. Don’t leave any newly-delivered boxes on your front porch. Have them delivered to a neighbor who can keep them safe for you. Make sure such deliveries require a signature of an authorized person. You may even want to check your trash to make sure you leave no clues for those thieves about your latest purchases.

Stick to a safety routine

It might be convenient to leave your spare keys outside, may be under a welcome mat, or hidden inside a planter. But most thieves are aware of such potential hiding places. Establish a routine to shut all the windows and lock all the doors whenever you leave your home. If you have installed a home alarm system, make sure you turn it on when you leave.

Manage your visibility

Visibility plays an important role while maintaining safety. You may want to see who is at your front door, before you open it for them. You may not want everyone to see where you place your valuables. You may wish to hide your home alarm panel so that people from outside can’t see you arming it.

Safeguard your outdoor valuables

Your bicycles, lawn movers and other outdoor gear are probably as valuable as what you have inside your house. You may want to keep them in a safe place. Remember garages, outhouses and sheds are the first places burglars would generally target.

So, while you save money to buy home security equipment from the home security companies that get in touch with you through home security leads, you may want a fool-proof safety plan in place. You can arrange for a friend or neighbor to collect your mails and remove flyers from your property.  If possible arrange for lawn moving or snow removal so that no thief would know you are not at home.

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