All About Starting a Drug Rehab Center

There are two parts of opening a drug rehab center – the legal part which involves a lot of regulations and paperwork and the part about keeping it open and profitable. A drug rehab center is not exactly a Subway where people will just show up. You will need to have a solid marketing plan in place to make sure it all goes as expected. With a steady supply of high-quality rehab addiction leads, you can get there.

The Investment

The main investment involved in opening a drug rehab center is the property that you would be buying or leasing and the people who will actually run your center. You will have to do a feasibility study, keeping in mind the area, the type of center you wish to open, the size of your center, the treatments that you would be providing, and the kind of competition that exists. It depends a lot on the needs of your local area. You will have to do your homework and find out what people need. Although it would be a non-profit venture, you may want to get back the amount you have invested and seen that the place starts fending for itself.

The License

If you want to open a drug rehab center you will have to get a license from the local authorities. The licensure will be more about the programs that you offer and your policies and procedures. The licensing board may want to review the type of treatment center you want to open and the way in which you would be serving the community. You will need all the proper documentation in place so that there are no delays or rejections.

The Business Plan

A business plan is of utmost importance when it comes to starting a drug rehab center. This will tell you how much you need to invest, what kind of revenue you can expect to generate, what will be your expenses, and how much your returns will be. A good business plan can also help you convince an investor to partner with you or invest in your venture.

The Staff

A drug rehab center would be a service-oriented organization. The staff that you hire would have a lot to do with the kind of experience your patients will gain. For your rehab center to run well, you would need to hire:

  • A medical director
  • An executive director
  • Executive Staff
  • Intake Staff
  • Clerical Staff
  • Medical Staff
  • Managers
  • Administrators
  • Caseworkers
  • Janitorial Workers

Posting ads in the newspapers or job sites should be an option. But you may also consider it useful to hire a recruitment agency that can understand your requirements and find the exact talent you are looking for. The next thing you may have to think of is to train your staff so that they will discharge their responsibilities as expected. Even though this may involve a bit of your time and money, it will all be worthwhile once you start getting patients.

The Accreditation

This is one of the main things people would look for before choosing a rehab center for their treatment. You should ideally aim at getting your accreditation from the JCAHO (Joint Commission) or CARF. These are the two accreditations that insurance companies seek. If not they may not agree to pay for the services that you provide to your patients.

The Marketing Execution

Marketing is the main part of starting a drug rehab center. There is no point in opening an impressive-looking center if the beds are going to remain empty. You need money to run the center and that will come only from the patients. You will want to have your own website and optimize it for the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is going to take some time. If you want quick results you may want to think about lead generation.

There are many professional lead generation firms that sell details of prospective patients through exclusive rehab addiction leads. Your sales team can call these leads one by one, nurture them, and then convert them into your patients.

It is normal to get overwhelmed while opening a drug rehab center. But there is nothing to worry. There are drug rehab agency treatment consultants who can help you at every step of your journey. They offer all the advice and support that you may need, during the process. However, if you wish to do it all by yourself, there are always the rehab addiction leads which make it all worthwhile.

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