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Best Ways to Avoid Student Debts

Every college student takes out some form of a student loan at some point in time during his or her college career. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to pay their loans back after they graduate. The result – they get caught into the student debt trap. They then have to wait up for a financial aid counselor who comes to them via student debt leads to taking them out of this trap.

Thankfully there are ways to escape or avoid these dreaded student debts. Here are a few of those:

Start saving early

Saving money is a habit every one of us should cultivate, as early as we can. When it comes to student loans, such savings can make it easy to repay them even before they become due. Think about getting a summer job or a part-time job to make some money while you are still in school. Open up a savings account and start depositing some extra money into it as and when you can. This way your loan payments will not accumulate that quickly.

Don’t be in a hurry to start your career

As long as you remain enrolled in college, you can easily put off the repayment of your student loan. While it could be tempting to graduate as fast as you can and start building upon your career, it is not always advisable. Try working part-time while being enrolled for a part-time course. This way you will be earning money and not be stressed about being a full-time student.

Apply for as many scholarships as you can

A scholarship is always a better option than a student loan. The main advantage is that you don’t have to pay back a scholarship. The money that you get is all yours. Fortunately, there are hundreds of scholarships you can apply for. You can apply and obtain multiple scholarships so that you don’t have to take out student loans. Even a couple of small scholarships can help you whittle down your student loan balance.

Consider Internship

If you find it hard to obtain scholarships you can always apply for an internship. You can even find one that pays you for the work you do. It’s not exactly a full-time career, but you will still be getting a paycheck and a lot of important experience that can help you in your future. Explore your options and find some local companies that offer good internship positions to college students.

Check out a few grants

Like scholarships grants also need not be paid back. Every year the government offers a wide variety of grants to students who are facing financial difficulties. You need to be aware of the guidelines of these grants before applying for them. Get in touch with a financial aid counselor through student debt leads and find out if you qualify for any such grants.

Cut down your expenses

Student life is not all about paying tuition fees. You will also need money to pay for your room, your food, your books, your clothes, and all other living expenses. It is very important that you start budgeting so that you don’t end up in the debt trap. As far as possible, cut down on using your credit card. Keep track of what you are spending on. Make meals on your own if possible. Get used textbooks instead of new ones.

A student debt counselor who comes to you through student debt leads might make it easy for you to get out of the debt trap. But it is always better to avoid getting into one. It saves you a lot of time and stress.

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