Top 4 Automotive Marketing Trends of 2018

Remember the time you bought your car?

Did you go driving from one dealership to the other in search for that perfect car?

Or did you do your research online before stepping into the dealership where you bought your car?

You probably did the second thing. In fact 89% of the prospective car buyers do the same thing before buying the car that seems perfect to their needs.

You would want to check out the best deals available and compare prices before stepping into a dealership. You might even go through a few customer reviews before choosing the right dealership. At every stage of your car buying journey, you would want to go online and do that research.

There are many digital micro moments that govern the buying process of prospects. As a dealer or auto warranty provider you wouldn’t want to miss these micro moments and avoid opportunities to market your product. Therefore, we bring to you four automotive marketing trends that can help you come up with the best automotive marketing strategy for the year 2018.

#1: Mobile to dominate the digital interactions

As per Google study, 71% of the digital interactions during a customer’s journey occur on mobile. About 58% of the car buyers use smart phones as the only devices to do their vehicle research. It is not only about having a mobile responsive website. You will have to grab all opportunities presented by mobile apps, social media, video content, and local searches to be the first one to reach these buyers through their mobile devices.

The mobile-first users of today use not just the mobile apps but also the m-sites at various stages of their research process. For instance, they may prefer using mobile websites to compare vehicles; but they may use mobile apps to obtain information about warranty or to research nearest dealers.

#2: Local searches to rule

It is not just the research but also the shopping experience that starts with the search engine. The research of the savvy auto buyers of today ends only with a local search to find the right dealership. If you are a brick-and-mortar business, local search would be an extremely powerful tool for you to garner maximum profits. With more than 43% of the Google query volume coming with a local intent (As per Chitika) and 78% local mobile searches resulting in offline purchases, you can almost dominate your niche by enabling a local search. All that you need to do to be discovered in these local searches is register yourself on Google My Business, build a couple of local citations and earn a few good reviews.

#3: Video to be the biggest content disruptor

Video is one trend that is here to stay. Not only is it in high demand, it is also the tactic that brings in the highest ROI. Watching videos for 30 minutes or more is a usual process an auto shopper goes through while doing his vehicle research. Specs and features videos, vehicle interior and exterior walkthroughs, and even test drive videos play an important role in influencing the decisions of prospective car buyers.

#4:It pays to reach people through digital mediums, as early as possible in the purchase process

The sales cycles in the automotive industry are often complex and lengthy. Almost 60% of car buyers research the market for about six months before making their purchases. The factors such as the car brand, type, and size become clear only in the latter part of the car buyer’s journey. Exposing them to your brand’s digital ads at this time of their journey would be a waste of time. This is how most brands end up missing out on their sales. If you want to make an impact and influence the purchase decisions of your prospects you will have to reach them earlier in their purchase cycle, like in the discovery or the consideration stage.

Apart from adopting these trends you should also focus on personalizing your marketing strategies to convert more prospects into sales. Purchasing auto warranty leads could be a good way to start this process. Not only will these give you all the details you may need about your prospects, they will also enhance your chances of conversions.

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