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Top 4 Businesses that can Benefit From Merchant Cash Advance

Not identifying the right prospects is one of the top reasons behind the failure of businesses in selling their products. This applies to merchant cash advance providers too.

A merchant cash advance is not like any other loan. Although it is available to many businesses that don’t qualify for traditional bank loans, not all businesses can benefit from a merchant cash advance. So the first thing you need to do, as a merchant cash advance provider, is to find out who can benefit from your product.

Ideally, a merchant cash advance would work for any business that receives most of its payments via credit cards. Of course, credit cards are the most accepted type of payments across the world; yet there are many businesses that never accept credit cards. Pushing merchant cash advance to such prospects may just turn out to be a waste of your time and effort.

Given below is a list of businesses that can actually benefit from merchant cash advance. These are the ones you should be getting in touch with if you want to promote your merchant cash advance business and generate sales.


Most restaurants across the world accept credit card payments. A merchant cash advance would be a great fit here and it can help many restaurants handle their cash flow issues successfully. They can use the money to buy inventory, pay staff salaries, clear bills, add another branch, or renovate their existing setup.

Retail Stores

Most retail stores, whether they sell garments, jewelry, groceries, or electronics, come across a period of lull in sales that can jeopardize their cash flow situation. To make sure their store remains operational at such difficult times, they will have to have access to a financial source they can rely upon. A merchant cash advance provider like you can very well be this source since many of the customers of retail stores would prefer paying up for their items with their credit cards.


The patrons who visit salons often tend to overspend especially if they like the service that they receive. After all who doesn’t love to be pampered? The patrons will obviously end up using their credit cards when the bill amount exceeds the amount of cash they have in their wallets. This makes a salon an ideal prospect for a merchant cash advance provider like you.

Auto Repair Shops

Having to provide collateral is one of the main reasons that make many auto repair shops refrain from applying for a traditional bank loan. Instead, they can go for merchant cash advances since most of their clients use credit cards to pay for their repairs. The absence of a strict payment schedule makes it easier for auto repair shops to satisfy their obligation.

You can get in touch with many such businesses by obtaining merchant cash advance leads from Heritus. As an experienced lead generating company, we make sure you get in touch with the right prospects at the right time, and thereby increase your sales.

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