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Top 5 trends to impact the Home security industry in 2018

Gone are those days when a strong deadbolt was all you needed to make your home secure. People in today’s world are in need of hi-tech home security solutions that include security cameras, light sensors, and an entire range of “smart home” solutions that can be integrated with their systems and appliances. In fact, you may even have come across such home security solution providers who may have got in touch with you through home security leads.

The need of the hour is to create secure spaces and thankfully technological innovations in the home security space have brought in a number of hardware as well as software solutions to help residents make their homes safe and secure. Here are a few trends that may have their impact on home security industry in 2018:

Existing systems to go obsolete

With more and more millennials starting to buy their own homes, the footfall at apartments and gated communities has increased drastically. It is getting impossible to handle this surge through the existing system that involves wire-based intercoms, guards, and registers. Furthermore, the system is prone to incompleteness and inaccuracies. The easy access to data has started posing a grave risk to the residents of apartments and gated communities. Nevertheless, most of this is going to change with new technologies emerging in 2018. The existing systems are soon to go obsolete and there is going to be a complete transformation with regard to the basic functioning of the security systems.

App-based Smart Systems on the rise

2018 is going to see many gated communities adopting app-based smart security systems. These systems are going to give complete control to residents over visitor validation and authentication, even from remote locations. Apart from being cost-effective and free from capital investment, these systems cater to the changing requirements of the residents, by evolving continuously.

Facial Recognition Technology to be adopted extensively

Security cameras have been there for quite some time now. But very soon these cameras are going to be integrated with computer vision algorithms to recognize faces and moving objects efficiently. Once detected, the image will go through some deep learning process (Artificial Intelligence-based) to verify identity or classify objects. Very soon the technology will be deployed for attendance, intrusion detection, object tracking, and access control.

The Focus will be on Connecting Security Platforms

More often than not the activities at the entry/exit gates of apartments and gated communities go uncaptured or unrecorded. This makes it tougher to derive useful insights. Also, the systems that are deployed today for security, including CCTV, visitor logs, and access control are all offline, standalone applications. Nevertheless, 2018 is going to see a huge change here. The focus is going to be on connecting and coordinating disparate systems so that the residents can enjoy a comprehensive view of security. The analytics derived from these connected systems will help in driving proactive actions that can successfully prevent security issues.

Child safety to come into the light

The main duty of parents is to protect their children at all times. However, they cannot be everywhere at all times. It can get quite stressful to ensure your child’s safety at all times. But it need not be if you are ready to install an intelligent home security system. No matter where you are, this system will always provide you the peace of mind that you would need.

Security vendors are working towards integrating many safety features, designed especially for kids who tend to stay at their homes in gated communities on their own, with parents busy at work. By the end of 2018, you will probably be giving your approval for your kid to step out of the gated community, via an app-based security solution. You may be validating your nannies and caretakers digitally to make sure your children are safe in your absence.

Comprehensive home security systems are the need of the hour and a sustained adoption of these is what you can expect to see in 2018. While home security providers would continue to prospective homeowners through home security leads, more and more citizens will start investing in smart home technologies. The combination of various smart home elements and the automation thereof are sure going to make homes safer in 2018.

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