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Top Tips to Sell Health Insurance

Gaining clients must be one of the biggest challenges you come across, as a seller of health insurance. To some extent, this challenge can be overcome by buying high-quality health insurance leads. But remember – you have a product that is intangible and expensive. Your prospects have hardly any knowledge about it and most of them think it is unnecessary.

So, how do you then sell health insurance?

Here are a few tips that can make your job easier:

#1. Gain maximum knowledge about your product

Knowing your product inside out is very important if you want to sell it. This applies to health insurance too. Read through the entire policy document, understand what is covered and what is not, find out how claims are processed, and make sure you know everything there is to know about the product you are selling. Not only will this help you address the queries of your prospects it will also give you all the confidence that you need to close the deals successfully.

#2. Listen to your prospects

As a salesperson, listening should be one of your best skills. Unless you listen to your prospects there is no way you will be able to understand their problems and expectations. Finding out as much as you can, about your prospects, should be your top priority while selling health insurance. Ask as many questions as you want but get complete information from your prospects.

#3. Find a way to relate to them

Relating to your prospects can help you build long-term relationships that can be useful in developing trust. You will have to understand their pain, empathize with them, and make sure they know you understand. Once your prospects start trusting you, it becomes very easy to sell your product. So your focus should be on building a trustworthy relationship with your prospects rather than on selling the health insurance plan.

#4. Create a need for your product

Health insurance is not a tangible product that gives instant gratification. So your prospects won’t realize the need for it unless you create it for them. Give them scenarios where health insurance might come of use and ask them what they would do if they didn’t have one. Now explain how health insurance would have helped them deal with these situations. Remember – you are only educating your prospects about the benefits of your product here. You are not actually pushing them to buy it.

#5. Help your prospects in making an informed decision

If you have more than one plan on offer, you will have to help your prospects select the right one. Don’t focus on pushing the product that will fetch you more commission. Step into the shoes of your prospects and see which product will be most beneficial for them. Give them all the information they would need to make an informed decision. Clarify any queries they might have and offer as much support as possible.

Selling health insurance can be a very tough job if you try to push the product to a prospect who may not be interested in buying it. Instead, change your approach. Make it more about your prospects. Understand their problems and see how you can solve them through the product you are selling. Explain this in a way they will understand.

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