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Completing enrolments for the year is one of the challenges probably every educational institution faces in today’s world. The emergence of the many educational institutions in every nook and corner of the world has made this challenge even tougher.

Creating awareness about the institution and promoting the courses that are offered can be quite time-consuming, let alone the guarantee of getting assured results. This is where education leads can help.

Heritus Lead Transfer is one of the reputed lead generation firms that can supply you with exclusive and personalized education leads that will help you get in touch with prospective students directly. These leads pertain to students who have not yet gained admission in any of the educational institutions. This puts you in a better chance of getting them to enroll into your educational institution.

Education leads come from students who wish to continue their education, be it through regular, online or distance education mode. Depending on your requirements, you can filter these leads to increase your chances of conversions. Heritus Lead Transfer can even capture leads as per your specifications, if you can give us details about the eligibility criteria that you are looking at for your courses.

The team at Heritus Lead Transfer comprises of expert technical and Tele-marketing professionals who know what is to be done to capture exactly those leads that our clients are looking for. We use exclusive landing pages and advanced technology tools to capture such leads. Once captured, these leads will be thoroughly verified for accuracy, before they are transferred to the clients.

Reliability, accuracy and affordability are the three things you can expect when you purchase education leads from Heritus Lead Transfer. Not only are these leads designed according to your requirements, they also ensure that you enjoy a competitive edge in the industry, without losing much of time or efforts.

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