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Are you a mortgage lender looking for first-time home buyers?

If yes you are at the right spot. Heritus Marketing Group is the place where you will find all the details that you wanted to know about first-time home buyers who may be genuinely interested in borrowing mortgage loans from you. All you need to do is get in touch, give us your requirements in order to buy purchase mortgage leads from us.

What are Purchase Mortgage Leads?

Purchase Mortgage Leads are the details of those people who are looking for mortgage loans in order to purchase real estate properties. These details would be verified thoroughly before they are transferred so that there are high chances of these leads qualifying as your prospective clients.

Who should buy purchase mortgage leads from us?


Financial institutions that are into originating mortgages

Private mortgage lenders

Building societies that offer mortgages to home buyers

Lead Generation vs. Purchasing Leads

Lead generation is a very important aspect of every business and mortgage lending is no exception. It often involves different kinds of marketing techniques such as Google pay-per-click advertising, emails, direct mailers, print advertising or online display advertising. You can also use a combination of any of these techniques to generate leads.

If you are trying to generate your own leads, you need to understand that you will have to pay higher costs per lead during the initial period of time. Finding answers for the following questions would be difficult if you are new into lead generation:

Will you actually be able to generate the kind of leads that you want?

How many leads will you be able to generate in about a month or so?

What are the chances of these leads getting converted?

If you get it right you will be at a definite advantage. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee on this. Moreover, you may end up spending a lot of time, money and efforts because of lack of experience and extensive knowledge in lead generation. Hence it becomes wiser to buy purchase mortgage leads from professional lead generating firms such as Heritus Marketing Group.

Buying purchase mortgage leads from a professional lead generating firm such as Heritus Marketing Group would mean low investment, less efforts and more time that you can use in improving your business. Such firms would be experts in lead generating tactics such as telemarketing, emails, pay-per-click advertising and Search Engine Optimization. Their experience and expertise in the field helps them establish a fixed price per lead, without requiring you to make a huge investment upfront.

Take a look at this table to understand why it is better to buy and not generate purchase mortgage leads:

Generating Your Own Leads Purchasing Leads from Professionals
High Investment upfront Very little investment
Cost per lead will vary Fixed cost per lead
No guarantee of getting leads that can qualify High chances of leads getting qualified
No experience in lead generating tactics Professionals in lead generation
Needs lots of time and efforts More leads in less time

Benefits of buying purchase mortgage leads

Here are a few benefits you can expect from buying purchase mortgage leads from professional lead generating firms:

More prospects

Professional lead generating firms can give you lots of leads through their authentic sources, ample resources and expert lead generating techniques. So, once you decide to buy purchase mortgage leads, you need not have to worry about not doing business during off season. You get a steady flow of prospects whenever you want.

Genuine Prospects

Many reputed lead generating firms make efforts to find genuine mortgage leads that can actually qualify. Once they get the details they follow-up to make sure the details given are accurate and that the prospect is actually interested in borrowing mortgage. Only then do they transfer the leads to their clients.

Better Business

With a steady flow of prospects which are genuine enough to be qualified into your clients, the result would obviously be improved business. Once you tie up with a lead generating firm all you need to do is completely focus on your sales and marketing techniques that will help you in converting these prospects into your clients.

Savings in Time and Efforts

When it comes to purchasing leads, your job ends when you give your requirements to the lead generating firm. You donโ€™t have to spend time and efforts on learning and using the various marketing tactics such as Pay-per-click advertising, SEO, mailing and tele-marketing that can help you generate leads. All of that would be well taken-care-of, by the lead generating firm.


While lead generating may involve quite a lot of investment upfront, purchasing leads doesnโ€™t need much of investment. You only pay for what you get and the lead generating firms would have established fixed cost per lead. Since most of these leads would anyway qualify, you donโ€™t have to worry about any unnecessary expenses once you have decided to buy purchase mortgage leads.

Why you should buy purchase mortgage leads from us?

Exclusive and Personalized Leads

We, at Heritus Marketing Group, give you an option to buy purchase mortgage live leads. We put in tons of efforts to find you leads that are not contacted by any mortgage lender so far. The lack of competition will give you full chances of converting these leads into your clients.

Leads that are 100% Verified

When you buy purchase mortgage leads from Heritus Marketing Group, we make sure the details we give you are absolutely accurate and authenticated. We verify each and every detail by calling and following-up with every lead that we generate.

Lead Generation as per your Requirements

We excel in giving you leads that match your requirements perfectly. Once you decide to buy purchase mortgage live transfers we make sure you get these perfect leads as soon as we confirm them for you. Contacting them immediately will increase your chances of conversions in a remarkable way.

Steady Source of Leads

We can supply you a steady source of leads to keep your business running in a smooth way. Your decision to buy purchase live transfers from Heritus is for sure going to bring you success as we can help you get in touch with many prospects who may be genuinely interested in borrowing mortgage from you.

Buy Purchase mortgage leads of top quality from HERITUS MARKETING GROUP today and take your mortgage business towards greater heights of success!

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