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About $11.92 Trillion is what Americans owe on their mortgages. Despite the interest rates rising up to 6.5 percent, the demand for mortgages is still high. People will keep on buying houses and they will keep applying for mortgages. As mortgage consultants or lenders, if you want to get in touch with these people, sign up for our Mortgage Inbound Calls.

Despite many people looking out for mortgages, there are many mortgage lenders who find it hard to find prospects for their business. Even if you do buy leads from a lead generating company and start making cold calls, there is no guarantee that the people you talk to will become your borrowers. You will only end up wasting your time and dealing with the frustration of annoyed prospects. Heritus can help you here.

We, at Heritus, have an expert lead generating team that understands exactly what needs to be done, to make your prospects come looking for you. Give us your details by filling up the online form. We will make sure your phone keeps ringing with calls that you don't want to miss – the Mortgage Inbound Calls.

What Exactly are Mortgage Inbound Calls?

Mortgage Inbound Calls are calls coming from people who wish to apply for mortgages in order to buy homes. They are looking for mortgage lenders who can lend them the money that they need, in order to make their home buying dreams come true. Heritus will receive and attend these calls on your behalf, understand the concerns of the callers, find out if these are the prospects you are looking for, and then connect those calls to you.

How Can Mortgage Inbound Calls Help?

If you find yourself spending too much time looking for prospects who can borrow mortgages from you, our Mortgage Inbound Calls can be a boon to your business. We make sure the prospects you talk to are genuinely interested in borrowing mortgages from you. We even ensure they fit into your eligibility criteria, so that you can save all your energy and time on converting them into your customers.

The best part about these inbound calls is that you won't have to waste any time looking for prospects. You don't have to make any cold calls to anyone. Your prospects come looking for you by way of inbound calls. They will give you all the details that you need, in order to approve their mortgage applications.

Heritus's Mortgage Inbound Calls

When it comes to approving mortgages, we understand every lender has a different eligibility criteria and specifications. Not all mortgage leads will work for you. Hence, we take it upon ourselves to capture personalized and exclusive leads as per your exact requirements. We have all the knowhow of how to generate lots of such leads.

We, at Heritus, come with years of experience in landing page creation, search engine optimization, lead generation, and communicating with clients. We have been providing real time leads and live leads transfers to many mortgage lenders, refinancers, reverse mortgage lenders, loan modification consultants, debt settlement agencies, home warranty and auto warranty providers, home security and home improvement companies, merchant cash advance providers, rehab addiction centers, final expense insurance providers, and solar system installers.

In order to save more of your time, we now bring to you inbound calls, through which your prospects will come looking for you. We have an entire team of lead generators, SEO specialists, and telecommunicators, who are ready to connect you with the exact prospects you have been looking for.

Why Choose Heritus for Mortgage Inbound Calls?

If you have made up your mind to buy Mortgage Inbound Calls, Heritus is the company you need to get in touch with. We make sure each and every call that you get is from prospects with genuine need of a mortgage. They come with high chances of conversions, provided you give them all the details they came looking for.

We understand how much time you might have wasted on finding prospects and screening them against your eligibility criteria, only to find out they were never interested in borrowing mortgages from you. The prospects we bring to you, are those who have not been contacted by any other mortgage lender. We will find out what they are looking for and then screen them against your eligibility criteria, before connecting them with you.

Here is why you should choose Heritus for Mortgage Inbound Calls:

Mortgage Inbound Calls – Our Approach

Heritus has always been unique when it comes to lead generation. We have come up with our own proven technique to generate the exact leads that our clients are looking for. Here are the details about the procedure that we follow, to put you in touch with your prospects, through our Mortgage Inbound Calls: