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Are you looking for people who are interested in getting solar systems installed on their roofs? We can connect you with the right people through Solar Inbound Calls.

The past few years have seen a lot of solar panels appearing on the roofs of more and more residential and office buildings across the United States. More and more consumers today are considering solar as the best solution for rising fuel prices and carbon-based consumption.

The reducing costs of solar system installations and the tax incentives provided by the government have been having a huge impact on boosting the sales of solar systems. The residential market has seen an average growth of 40 percent in solar sales last year. The commercial market too has started enjoying the cost-savings of solar.

Heritus has contacts with many companies and individuals that are interested in switching over to solar power. We can fetch you the right contacts as per your specific requirements through our Solar Inbound Calls.

What Exactly are Solar Inbound Calls?

Solar Inbound Calls are high-intent inbound calls that come from individuals as well as companies that are looking out for service providers who can install solar systems on their rooftops. We will receive all these calls, on behalf of you, clear the queries of the callers, verify their intent, find out if they fit your criteria, and then transfer the calls to you, for further action.

How Can Solar Inbound Calls Help?

How much time do you spend every day on finding prospects for your solar business?

At the end of the day, how many of these leads do actually turn into your customers?

Not many?

Do you think you are wasting your time on contacts who are no longer interested in installing solar systems?

Are you tired of making cold calls and dealing with annoyed prospects who only increase your frustration?

Sign up for our Solar Inbound Calls!

Not only will you be saving a lot of your time and effort, you will be connected with the right people who are genuinely interested in accepting what you have to offer.

You won't have to make cold calls anymore to uninterested prospects, who try their best to avoid you. Heritus will make sure interested prospects will contact you on their own and give you all the details you require, for further business.

Heritus's Solar Inbound Calls

We, at Heritus, are a team of expert lead generators, who offer personalized and exclusive leads for every client that gets in touch with us. We are well-versed with all the latest proven techniques that can get you leads exactly as per your specifications.

We come with years of experience in generating real time leads, and live leads transfers for mortgage lenders and refinancers, reverse mortgage lenders, debt consolidators, rehab addiction centers, merchant cash advance providers, loan modification consultants, home security companies, home warranty companies, home improvement experts, auto warranty providers, and of course, solar system installers.

We understand how much time you have been spending on getting in touch with local prospects who may be interested in installing solar systems. Through Solar Inbound Calls, we wish to put you directly in touch with these prospects, within the shortest time span possible. Our lead generators, SEO specialists, and telecommunicators are all set to make sure your phone keeps ringing with calls that can make a huge impact on your bottom line.

Why Choose Heritus for Solar Inbound Calls?

If your wish is to make your prospective customers come to you, for some genuine business, Heritus's Solar Inbound Calls could be your best bet. Before making sure you actually get these calls, we answer each and every call, understand their needs of the callers, and screen them against your specifications.

We know how much of your time goes in finding people, talking to them, and explaining the benefits of your products, only to find out they were never really interested. We wish to put an end to this and make sure you get actual business, without you having to invest any more of your time or effort on prospecting.

These are a few ways Heritus tries to make your life easy, through Solar Inbound Calls:

Solar Inbound Calls – Our Approach

Generating leads as per exact specifications is definitely no piece of cake for everyone. You need to know the right technique to capture the exact leads, and ask the right questions to verify their intent. We follow these steps to the T, before transferring to you, your Solar Inbound Calls:

Connect with Heritus

Despite the increasing demand for solar systems, many solar system providers find it tough and too time-consuming to look for prospects with genuine interest in their products. Heritus can help you save all that time and effort, and make sure you get in touch with the right prospects at the right time. Fill in the form with your details, to help us understand what you are looking for. Our Solar Inbound Calls can do wonders to help you achieve your sales targets.